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Alex Will: Mastering the Shooting Gallery

November 27, 2017
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The title of the series is "Alex Will Do It", not "Alex Will Enjoy Doing It." This point is made all too clear in the first episode, Shooting Gallery. Alex takes on high-speed balls of paint in his very first challenge.

Shooting Gallery

The premise behind the show is simple, Alex made Mike mad and now Alex has "volunteered" to do all of these challenges. This one is pretty easy for Alex to do. In fact, Alex really doesn't have to do much other than to get shot by a horde of angry paintballers. That's not so bad you may think, but there is one special component to this challenge. Alex only gets face protection and silkies. He's also wearing some weird armband thing.

Shooting Gallery

It starts out pretty tame for Alex as paintballs aren't extremely accurate and Alex is a moving target. He gets hit a few times, but nothing worse than when you go play paintball yourself. The shooting gallery isn't too much of a challenge...yet. One person at a time is firing and it's not too difficult for Alex to dodge a few shots here and there. The Marine obviously knows how to avoid incoming fire. Unfortunately for Alex, what was once a single shooter, now turns into an entire line. A sheer wall of paintballs was hurtled towards the half-naked Alex. What little success he had in dodging paintballs before was soon erased as the massive volume of paintballs slammed into his exposed flesh(ouch ouch ouch).

Shooting Gallery

The aftermath of that firing for effect was all too clear to see with enormous welts upon Alex's exposed flesh. Luckily for Alex, his beloved silkies protected more...vital items and he escaped major injury. What does the future hold for brave Alex? Is the shooting gallery the best we can do? Do we ever go too far? We don't think so. Plus Alex is tough, he can handle it, we think.

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