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Alex's Shocking Taser Challenge

November 27, 2017
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Oh, what sweet joy crosses the face of Mike Birt as he reveals this week's "Alex Will Do It." Alex is going to get tased in front of everyone. The taser carries a voltage of around 50,000 volts which shouldn't be too harmful to Alex. He is a United States Marine after all.


Alex has already experienced all sorts of physical pain in his challenges. The paintballs left visible welts on his skin for at least a week. The fire from the ghost pepper shot had to melt away at least some of his esophageal and intestinal lining. How hard could it be to just get tased? Probably not very, but we're still going to watch it. The build-up here is pivotal as Mike fires the taser up a few times. It's close enough for Alex to hear. It's a menacing sound, let's see if Alex can be one of the few that fight the taser off and stay standing before eventually succumbing to the voltage.


Luckily for Alex, his safety is the number one priority for everyone. There's a safety corpsman (medic from the Navy) and all sorts of equipment to ensure that Alex doesn't have his beautiful heart stop on us. Alex also has a few friends to ensure he doesn't smack his face on the ground when he lands. The cartridge is loaded, Mike takes a few steps closer, the countdown begins. Three...two...and ZAP! Alex rides the lightning for a little over 8 seconds, just like riding a bull...hey that gives us an idea. Alex has once again proven that he will do pretty much anything.


So far we've seen Alex get tased, shot with paintballs and drink mystery shots. What more could our fans come up with to top these already great challenges? You'll just have to watch the next episode to find out.

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