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Alex's Vegas Knights Adventure

November 30, 2017
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This is the elite edition of Alex Will Do It. The Las Vegas Knights are ready to punish Alex as he takes up his position in the goal. We were nice enough to give Alex the appropriate gear so that he doesn't actually die when these professional hockey players start slinging pucks at our beloved Alex.

Vegas Knights

Most of what we've had Alex do so far has been pretty tame in regards to the quality of the people inflicting pain upon our Marine. However, the Las Vegas Knights are professionals. They are the epitome of the word elite when it comes to slinging pucks. The pucks reach an average speed of one hundred and eight miles per hour, that's during a game when they're jockeying for position and may be off balance. These are free shots, so we're going to assume that these shots are reaching speeds in excess of that one hundred and eight miles per hour.

Vegas Knights

This is all for a good cause though. As much as we love punishing Alex, this time we're not doing it without good cause in mind. After the fun of the initial waves of pucks flying towards Alex, the charity portion kicks in. The Folded Flag Foundation provides grants and scholarships to the families of fallen service members. For each puck that Alex stops with his body, Grunt Style will donate $100, for every shot Alex stops with his head Grunt Style will donate $250, and finally, for every puck that gets past Alex, Grunt Style will donate $25 to the foundation. Alex doesn't know this, but the players from the Las Vegas Knights are in on the gig.

Vegas Knights

With the ruse on, these elite players started slinging pucks towards Alex. Through the combined efforts of these finely tuned athletic machines and Alex, Grunt Style donated $1450 to The Folden Flag Foundation.

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