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Ammo Companies Hiring Gun Grabbers

September 17, 2019
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If you listen to any gun grabber lately, chances are you've heard some of their descriptions of the ammunition used in Armalite or Kalashnikov style rifles.

"Expanding, exploding target tracing rounds.""Laser-guided bullet cartridges""Exploding semi-fully automatic grenade military rounds"

The list goes on for quite a while. We could literally be here all day repeating what has been parroted by gun control activists, and while this article is a parody, those quotes are fucking real and that should have you feeling pretty sad.Luckily though, those gun control advocates won't be a total drain on our society. Ammunition manufacturers like Wilmington Ammo or State Premium Ammunition have started seeking these gun control advocates out for work in their research and development divisions.

"These gun control activists, despite being against our core beliefs, they have incredible ideas about what ammunition could be. Outlandish, sure! But what if we could make it happen?! We saw a great opportunity to take these ideas and make them a reality so that the United States could continue to enjoy military superiority on both Earth and in outer space." - State Premium Ammunition Press Release

We, well we're not even mad! If the government thought it'd be hard to take our weapons when we were only firing ball ammo, wait till we get precision laser-guided grenade ammo. Shit's gonna be a blast. A very precise and accurate blast.The gun grabbers were at first uneasy. Working for these companies, well it flew in the face of all the gun grabber propaganda they believed in. Despite initial opposition to the offer, stating that they were in the fight for the safety of the people...which in laymen's terms meant...they wanted about $15k more per year than they were originally promised.Their outlandish assertions made about the ammunition available are still outlandish for now, but in time, with these "sharp" minds on the job, we may find ourselves wielding a 5.56mm laser-guided, fire and forget bomblet instead of this outmoded piece of lead and copper.

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