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War on Drugs & Prohibition Architects

September 12, 2019
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With politicians set to vote on several gun control initiatives in the coming weeks, the architect of former policies like the War on Drugs and Prohibition soothed lawmakers who were nervous about signing new legislation into law.After all the success of both of these policies indicates that the war on guns or the prohibition of firearms, whatever you want to call it will be as successful if not more so than the other prohibitory policies.Due to the popularity of these prohibitory measures, the men that wrote them into place asked for anonymity, as they felt it would be inappropriate to gain celebrity status for just doing what they viewed as a public service. So to honor their requests, we'll substitute their names with totally made up and definitely not real names, but we'll keep their quotes intact.The following quotes were taken from a joint session of Congress where these two gentlemen shared their experiences and wisdom with both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

"Look, plain and simple, we kept people from being drunks and druggies with our prohibitory measures. These gun control provisions will definitely lessen violence in this nation the same way our other policies did!" - B.D. Oushe "People in large groups are mainly stupid and need a large overreaching government to look after them. And if they don't do what they are told, we'll punish them severely, that way we truly ensure freedom for everyone. Just like we have with the War on Drugs!" Michael Ochschtincs

With almost 100 years of public policy expertise between them, it's hard to see how any measure they put forth could go horribly, inexorably wrong. After all, the war on drugs and the prohibition of alcohol stopped millions of Americans from participating in those activities and we all now live in a much safer and sober society where people are definitely not addicted to any sort of prescription opioid.We really have these two gentlemen to thank for all of the wisdom they bring to the table in regards to successful public policy.

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