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Asshole of the Week: Flatulence Grounds Plane

February 20, 2018
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This is why we can't have nice things. Two people, onboard a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam asked another passenger if he/she could stop letting them rip from his/her hind end. The passenger responsible for the naturally occurring chemical warfare refused to quit unleashing the beast while in flight. To be fair it's not like you can just be like 'Oh this gas doesn't exist anymore' and stop. Yes, the passenger could have gone to the bathroom, but if they did, we wouldn't be telling you about the asshole of the week so we're kinda glad they didn't. We're also glad we weren't on the flight.So after being repeatedly asked to stop farting, the passengers requested aid from the airline attendants, but they weren't of any help. It's not like this was "Dirty Delta Airlines" where you gotta fight for survival! Actually, they ended up fighting after all, the passengers, that is. Nobody from the airline was involved except the captain. The Captain, in pure parent-form, told the passengers that if they didn't stop fighting the plane was going to land and then they'd all be sorry!Both the flatulent and those that got a whiff of the noxious gas didn't listen, so the plane was diverted to Vienna where all parties involved were removed from the plane. No charges were pressed against anyone, as they had not broken any Austrian laws. However, all parties involved were banned from flying on Transavia Airlines for the foreseeable future.

Flatulence Grounds Plane

Look, folks, if you continue to blast gas from your butt while in flight, don't be surprised if people want to fight you. People just because someone is farting what seems to be their brains out, doesn't mean you get to punch them. We all want to sure, but we shouldn't...because as you tussle around the farting is bound to increase.

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