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Asshole of the Week: Pandemic Profiteering

March 16, 2020
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We have all been under some pressure with the COVID-19 virus. However, there is a certain breed of profiteering scum that decided this was their opportunity to cash in. By this, I mean they have cleared out stores of basic supplies in hopes of selling them at a huge profit.One such example is Matt Colvin. The former Air Force Technical Sergeant bought nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. He fully admits he was going to mark up the cost in hopes of making a profit in resale. After the first coronavirus death in America, he and his brother started taking road trips to gobble up basic supplies such as sanitizing wipes, and cleaning agents.Amazon was alerted of the price gouging and pulled their listings down. The duo had bottles of hand sanitizer going for as high as $70 a pop.After being ripped apart on social media, Matt said he was going to donate the supplies. However, he also said he still wants to make a profit and sell them for a fair price. Colvin went on to say in an interview, that he was not sorry for buying all the products. This sounds like he's tap dancing to avoid the petition to bring him up on charges started on Change.orgIn a recent update, local authorities and the Attorney General's office facilitated the "donation" of the supplies to a local church and first responders. Colvin was not present for what almost seemed like a confiscation.This is just one example of many of the type of selfish actions that will cost lives in the long run. We highly discourage this type of behavior. Additionally, we implore you to contact us if you are aware of any other type of profiteering from the pandemic.Now, your life, as difficult as it may be at this current time…doesn’t seem so bad does it? At least you’re not our Asshole of the Week (and that is something you can hang your hat on!)… Cheers!Editor's Note: A local reporter shows the products being donated in his Twitter feed, here.

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