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Asshole of the Week: Amazon Alexa

March 8, 2018
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This weeks asshole, Amazon Alexa. We are all about technology. We live much more organized and fast-paced lives due to technology. Imagine if we still did everything by telegram or carrier pigeon, or had to travel by buggy or walk everywhere. We might be in better shape, but the truth is we'd get far less done. We rely on technology to help us get through our modern lives, whether it's the Bluetooth speaker in your car the makes driving and talking on the phone safer, or just the fact that car exists in the first place, we can't deny the pivotal role that technology plays in our lives.Alexa has earned this weeks asshole rating for making folks legitimately wonder if the Rise of the Machines is legitimately going to be a thing.We don't hate the Amazon Alexa at all. In fact, we think it's pretty damn cool. However, this week across the world, the Amazon Alexa has been...acting strangely. Letting out eery laughs in the middle of the night, not responding to commands, and then laughing about it. We joke a lot about Skynet coming for us, but when the AI that we currently have, which isn't exceptionally powerful starts to exhibit behavior that one might describe as malicious or deviant, we actually get a little worried. Not full-on Sarah Connor, worried, but we're definitely going to shoot the toaster if it looks at us weird or our toast is burned. Why are we taking our anger out on the toaster? Because we're irrational when it looks like machines are trying to kill us!!![caption id="attachment_16830" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Amazon Alexa

Connect sync link all the pieces of your life I Get it done at the speed of WiFi I’m the player, the coach, the arena, the game If you want something done, you just gotta say my name[/caption]If your Alexa starts acting a bit evil, we suggest tannerite and firearms as a solution to this potential apocalyptic disaster. Stephen Hawking said it best about AI, "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race."

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