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Asshole of the Week: DUI Man

February 12, 2018
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We usually love telling good stories about great Americans. In all seriousness, we hate adding to the negativity in the world. We joke and jest about a variety of topics, but we usually try to stay positive. However, we're going to try and help society out a little bit by calling out some assholes. Public shaming is a very powerful tool, and it should be wielded properly (we're not sure why they're letting us do it then), but done right, it can change the course of civilized society for the better.So this asshole argued in court after his 4th DUI, that the legal limits for alcohol in your system while driving, discriminate against alcoholics. This is just atrocious. How do you even get your license back after the 2nd or 3rd DUI? Nobody here is ok with drunk driving, but we understand that folks make mistakes and one DUI does not necessarily make you a horrible person. This guy has four. FOUR DUIs. First off, who is the judge that's like "Nah you're totally good bro, three DUI's, surely you've learned your lesson, here's your license back."


Ralph Alfred Friesenhahn, who apparently was drunk in the courtroom as well, stated that because alcoholics have a higher tolerance, the 0.08 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is unfair to them and singles them out. Luckily someone had enough and the 3rd Court of Appeals was like "Screw this guy he's an asshole"In a day and age when we have Uber and Lyft and a host of other tools at your disposal to get home safely and without incident, getting four DUIs is absolutely unacceptable. What an asshole. Ralph, dude, stop being an asshole. You're not accomplishing anything except making yourself look like a real asshole. Folks, this is your friendly, positive reminder to not be an asshole, don't drink and drive, and definitely, don't argue that the BAC is discriminatory towards alcoholics. Asshole.

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