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Asshole of the Week: People Who Don't Use Blinker

February 27, 2018
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So straight up, these people are always assholes. They've just been really grinding our gears this week. Seriously it's literally the easiest thing you have to do while driving. There is no reason whatsoever to not use your blinker. Don't be an asshole, use your damn blinker. Asshole.Do you guys know how many times we've heard 'I don't need to use my blinker, I know where I'm going her der der der.' These idiots throw out this stupid line every time they get called on their non-signaling bullshit! If there was ever a way to almost certainly get punched in the face, it's saying that line to any of the staff members here. You're not funny. You're a punk! We know we sound angry, but you would be too if you had to deal with the incessant random lane changes of people as we careen down the highway at 80+ miles per hour. Especially when the car changing the lane, with no blinker is trying to occupy the space you currently do. There is this thing about matter...according to the Pauli exclusion principle (look it up) two different pieces of matter can't really occupy the same exact space. Cars happen to be made up of matter. They can't occupy the same space. They can try, but the outcome will be probably featured on the nightly news.


The laziest human beings on the planet are the ones who don't use their blinker. On a deserted country road, it's totally understandable, nobody else is there and we get it. However, everywhere else. you're a prick. Nobody likes you, and to be honest, you probably don't like yourself either. So there is that. Those of us that do use our blinkers can continue to stand on our moral high ground as we don't cause accidents or cost people their lives.

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