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Assholes of the Week: Incels

June 25, 2019
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See the feature image for the background before reading. Normally we don't get into shit like this because honestly, these types of wankers just aren't worth our time. But we found this little gem on the interwebs and we found it fascinating. Why did we find this fascinating? Imagine this, if you will. Imagine your hope in life hangs on the actions of someone you never knew getting naked on your computer screen. Imagine that. Now think to yourself, "Am I that kind of asshole?" Chances are if you're one of our faithful readers, you're not. But as we can see here, these do exist.What is an incel, you might be asking? It stands for "Involuntary Celibate", i.e. "Nobody wants to fuka me cause I'm a shit human being." It's a dude who feels entitled "to the sex" merely for existing. They treat sex as a participation trophy for breathing. They are entitled to every woman ever because they were the "nice guy", or...so they believe. Even dudes in DMs asking for "bobs n vegan" put more effort into having a meaningful relationship with another human...(tbh some of those dudes that can't spell boobs or vagina, sure can write some killer poetry).

Maybe right now, life has you down. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your beloved dog just passed over the rainbow bridge. We could go on with the "maybe this" and "maybe that", but we think you get our point. Life might be difficult for you right now, BUT...at least you're not an incel. See, it could be worse.The interesting fact about this whole deal is this. We've met and known of men and women from all walks of life. We've even known a few Commies (we don't like Commies) but surprisingly, even the most repulsive person we've ever met, in both looks and personality...was not an incel. Let that sink in. EVEN COMMIES GET MORE LOVE THAN YOU AND COMMIES AREN'T REAL PEOPLE!Imagine being so f***ing weak that you lash out at someone for not doing porn for your entitled viewing pleasure.Now, your life, as difficult as it may be at this current time...doesn't seem so bad does it? At least you're not our asshole of the week and that is something you can hang your hat on.

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