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Basic Training Combatives and Naked Chinese Twins

June 27, 2016
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My Basic Training Battery had twin brothers in it, Cheng L , and Cheng K . Cheng L was in fourth platoon and his brother was in third. One evening, there were combatives happening in the fourth platoon barracks. Cheng K had snuck into our bay to be a part of this unsanctioned event. Specifically so that he could wrestle his brother.

Everyone was wearing PT uniforms.

Except for some reason our Cheng, who was wearing nothing but his issued brown briefs, and had removed his glasses for the fight. Suddenly, a wild Drill Sergeant appeared! Cheng L, in his underwear, was grabbed by someone and stuffed into their wall locker.

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His twin brother, Cheng K, ran up to the front of the bay to take his brothers place for mail call. It was a disaster waiting to happen. After mail was handed out, the Drill Sergeant decided to hang around for a bit and have a serious heart to heart talk with us about something that had happened recently (an attempted suicide). The Drill Sergeant had gathered us close and was quietly talking about loyalty and brotherhood when all of the sudden, he was interrupted by the metallic squeal of a wall locker opening.There was a hushed silence as the skinny little Chinese man, blind without his glasses, peeked out around the door and stepped out, in plain view of the Drill Sergeant. Apparently, we had been so quiet, that he thought we had all left.

The reckoning Begins...

DS: "WHY IN THE F*CK IS THERE A NAKED CHINESE BOY IN YOUR WALL LOCKER?!"Pvt 1:"Drill Sergeant, I put him there, Drill Sergeant!"DS: What the f*ck kind of homo sh*t is this?"Pvt 2: "We were wrasslin', Drill Sergeant."

CFF Sarong

It was silent for a few seconds as the DS’s face contorted. Almost as though he were about to have an epileptic seizure.His eyes were cartoonishly huge.The DS pointed at the practically nude Cheng L and screamed at him to get his f*cking ass over to the third platoon barracks. Cheng L started to interject. Presumably to inform the DS that he had confused him for his brother. He was unable to finish because at this point the DS was knocking things over and screaming his lungs out.Cheng ran away, blind and naked, stumbling into furniture as he fled, leaving his terrified twin brother in his place. I don't believe that we actually got our Cheng back until PT the next morning, when they were able to switch back.

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