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Inspirational Journeys: Story 4439

November 8, 2016
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Blue Falcon Story. I deployed with the 4th engineers to Iraq in 09. our deployment to Iraq was brief. We got there in early February, and we did a lateral transfer as a unit to Afghanistan in April of 2009. During the month of March, our shenanigans level was pretty high. Our job was route clearance, it was about 2am, and we were 120k from home (camp liberty). Our Buffalo gunner had his crow system and a ridiculous Wisconsin accent. Straight nasal and loud, right into the mike. Yeah.Anyways, we gunners had to pass off crosswalks to each other to maintain observational security, and we had our callsigns. His was nighthawk. So every few minutes this voice would pierce through your headset with "nighthawk on the crosswalk" followed ten seconds or so later by "nighthawk off the cross walk". Like I said, it was about 2am or so, and our 7 had had enough."goddammit 2-3 if your gunner sounds off one more time I'm going to f*ckin lose it!""Roger 2-7"Being the gunner in front of him, I saw an opportunity for mischief. His crosswalk was comin up and I called off "dragon off the crosswalk""nighthawk on the crosswalk"-in the tiniest voice a man could pull off and still be heard.I waited three seconds and yelled through my nose through the headset "NIGHTHAWK OFF THE CROSSWALK!""I got you. 2-6 move to the side im movin up"I look in my turrets side mirror and see 2-7's truck zip up alongside the Buffalo, SFC T jumps up on top of his truck, all of this while we are in motion on a hot route performing route clearance procedures mind you, and jumps across to the top of the Buffalo, pulls open PFC S's hatch lid, and starts pistoning his fist down into what I could only ascertain to be pfc S's mouth.It was only after he had administered his beating that he took PFC s's Mike and used it to call all stop so he could return to his vehicle.Good times.

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