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Epic April Fools' Jokes: When Pranks Rule

March 29, 2018
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Best might not be the most appropriate word to describe this. Many of these were so expertly done that they actually terrified many people into thinking something dangerous or devious was happening. Some of these April Fools jokes are just savage.For example the number one on our list...In Sitka, Alaska April 1st, 1974, residents were terrified to see smoke rising from the top of Mount Edgecumbe, a known volcano, but thought extinct. Panic ensued as the thoughts of their lives and their town being destroyed overtook the citizens. Fortunately, and albeit a real prick move, the smoke rising from Mount Edgecumbe was from tires that had been stacked in the crater. We are both impressed, and mildly annoyed. Time heals all wounds right?

April Fools Jokes

Taco Libertad! On April 1st, (of all days hmm) 1996, Taco Bell was proud to announce that it had indeed purchased the famous Liberty Bell and would be naming it the Taco Liberty Bell. People, you could expect in Philadelphia, GOT SUPER MAD!!!. They were not impressed, but luckily for Philadelphia...because they're such rational people there, calmed down after Taco Bell announced it was only a joke.

April Fool's Jokes

Way before the time of the interwebs, people were much easier to fool or were they? Never know what weird and wacky things you'll find, for instance in April 1934 , there was a report by the New York Times, that showed a man flying by his own lung power. Silly America, that's not possible.

April Fools Jokes

Oh Alabama, we love you so much. Home of national football championships and Bear Bryant, Huntsville home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and jokes about family trees that have no branches. Not a super hard sell to state that the state of Alabama in their infinite wisdom changed the value of Pi, so that it would be more biblical. Instead of the 3.14159...(we could go on...) The Heart of Dixie voted to change the value of Pi to 3. This report was made by the April 1998 issue of New Mexicans for Science and Reason. It was obviously a joke.

April 1st, 2011 Google gets us again. They've got a pretty solid history of doing great April Fools jokes. With the supposed new release of Gmail Motion, it was thought that you could write e-mails with gestures and several motions. Seeing as how the direction of technology is going nowadays the thing that really kicked us in the pants, is that it is actually possible to do this. Yes, even as early as 2011.

April Fools Jokes

Plan accordingly for April Fools and try your best to be skeptical of what you see on Sunday...

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