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Coast Guard vs. Air Force: A Branch Showdown

January 25, 2018
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This week is the battle of the first two losing branches we had. Bill from finance, thought it would be nice to give these guys a decent shot at winning one of their battles. This week we have the Coast Guard vs. Air Force. And this matchup actually proved to be quite entertaining as Ted from finance (our advanced warfare simulation computer) figured out just how the battle would go down.The United States Air Force, despite losing to the Navy, is the best air force in the entire world. As their motto says "No one comes close," the aircraft took off and rained destruction on the Coast Guard fleet, suffering minor casualties. Several of the larger cutters were sunk within the first hour of the battle and the coast guard was left reeling. Despite the intense air attack, the Coast Guard was able to land former members of the Deployable Operations Group and their respective teams on shore to carry out hit and run attacks on the Air Force bases.

Coast Guard vs. Air Force

With several members of the former DOG teams having gone through BUD/S and served in SEAL teams (crazy right? Also totally true, look it up), these hit and run attacks on the airfields were extremely successful. These attacks did everything from sabotaging runways to destroying planes and munitions. We honestly thought this would be pretty one-sided, but those Coasties proved to be plucky sons of guns. The teams destroyed a total of 43 aircraft and over 20 tons of munitions. Damn, well played Coast Guard.

Coast Guard vs. Air Force

The Coast Guard fought the Air Force hard, almost causing a stalemate. However, the Coast Guard did not have enough manpower to hit every single air base. Although they caused a great deal of damage to the Air Force, the more remote air bases stayed untouched and continued to launch fully armed aircraft, sinking the ships and eventually capturing all of the "special operations teams" that they Coasties had sent ashore. The clear winner this week is the United States Air Force. Sorry Coast Guard, you're just not equipped to have any real punching power relative to your brother services.

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