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Navy vs. Air Force: Who Reigns Supreme?

January 4, 2018
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Using a random number generator (in this case Bill from accounting), we put together a competition to determine the best branch of the military. This week our random number generator (Bill) picked the Navy to face off against the Air Force. The extremely 'accurate' simulation was provided by our 'advanced warfare simulation computer' (Ted, another guy from accounting).

best branch

The Air Force came out of the gate swinging with the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. They scored several critical hits on 10 of the Navy's 20 aircraft carriers. This was followed up by bombing runs by the B-1 Lancer Bombers and B-2 Spirit on Naval bases. Things took a turn for the worst for the Air Force though when special operations forces were unable to capture an aircraft carrier and two of its support ships. The Navy reeling from the initial attack had managed to withstand the initial push from the Air Force and was now looking for payback.

best branch

The problem with fighting the Navy is that while you may get its surface ships, the submarine fleet remains undetected. After the bold attack by the Air Force, the Navy launched cruise missiles crippling air bases nationwide. Despite ten carriers being combat ineffective the remaining aircraft carriers launched their aircraft and engaged in a heavy air to air fight with the fighters from the Air Force. While the air battle was a draw, the Navy was able to win due to the anti-air support it received from its cruisers and destroyers. SEALs were then dispatched to sabotage and destroy any airbases that remained.

best branch

Who knows what you'll see next week as our random number generator (Bill) and our advanced warfare simulation computer (Ted) switch places on this excellent adventure of simulated warfare. Which of the four branches...fine Coast Guard we'll include you too, which of the five branches will face off in head to head 'simulated' combat! After several runs, we'll decide based on our cutting-edge data who the best branch of the military is.

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