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Debate & Friendship: Bridging Differences

May 21, 2019
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Oh what a tangled and odd world we live in. But this...this instance is quite possibly the most shocking thing you'll ever read. Two best friends with opposing viewpoints on a number of controversial subjects have managed, somehow through the power of ancient aliens, or Cthulhu or the flying spaghetti monster, to remain friends despite their vastly different views. Bob and his best friend Steve insist that this is actually quite normal and how people used to act."Yeah, uh, we don't see the big deal, why are you interviewing us again? So what Steve disagrees, I know Steve and I've seen him interact in our community for going on fifteen years now, he's a good guy and his opinions, while mine differ, are coming from a good place," says Bob of his friend from high school.The two laugh and joke, they even throw a jest or two about the other's stance on certain issues, but then they both laugh. We broke out our highly sensitive paranormal gamma radiation detector to make sure that there was no...outside influence on what seemed to be a miracle friendship. We were surprised to find that one, the paranormal gamma radiation detector was just a bunch of PVC pipe with a plastic cone on the end and a 9v battery attached to a speaker that beeped at varying speeds and intensities on a loop and two, there seemed to be no supernatural interdiction regarding the friendship of these two young men."What are you idiots doing," Steve questions our investigation, "he has different solutions to many complex problems facing the world today, so I'm just supposed to kick him out of my life? Who wants an echo chamber? You can't grow there, nobody can. Echo chambers should be called what they really are, narcissistic circle jerks."According to both Bob and Steve, you can still be friends without getting personally offended by the views of your other friends, and it really is quite simple, just don't be a dick. What a bunch of weird dudes.(Obviously, this is satire. Nobody does this shit anymore. El oh el)

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