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London Carjacker Killed in Police Shootout

October 3, 2019
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Ok, it's a lame, vague uninteresting title until we break all of this down for you. We promise it's not going to be as uninteresting as our shit title. But...if we'd given you everything in the come on now, you wouldn't have clicked on the link...come on now, be honest with yourself. So a carjacker in offed by...*dramatic music noises* himself. Yes. You read that right.Homeboy came walking up to a car like he was king dingaling with his shotgun...wait a minute. We thought guns were illegal in London. How in the world was this man able to get his hands on a gun? Certainly, the media must be lying about something...either that or like you know, gun control is a farce. Wonder which one it is...( can select both for your answer).Anyways, this "fine upstanding gentleman" approached a car with several dudes inside who upon seeing the man with his "shotgun" (it's in quotes because again, London, duh, can't have guns) got out of the car and fled...which to us is weird. Several guys sitting in a car when a large man with a shotgun came walking these guys fled...on foot...let us say that again. THESE GUYS WERE HANGING OUT IN THE CAR, SAW A DUDE WITH A SHOTGUN AND FLED ON FOOT. They got out of the car and ran...Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...what other mode of transportation could they have used to flee the scene quicker?Anyways, that's not even the dumbest part of the story. Our intrepid carjacker, unimpressed with the tint job on the car (we don't actually know if that's why he did this) went to smash the window of the car the men had been sitting in with the butt of his shotgun.Upon striking the window with his shotgun, it discharged with the barrel pointed at our wannabe carjacking friend. He totes died. Dude took a shotgun blast at point-blank range, probably somewhere in the chest, neck or face region...yeah, that shit will leave a fucking mark, buddy.While he was bleeding out, he managed to say "I'm not your buddy, guy," then he died.Editors note: The carjacker in question did not actually say "I'm not your buddy, guy!"

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