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Internet Challenges We'd Like to See

July 25, 2018
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Every couple of months there are new challenges popping up on the internet. From the dumb shit Tide Pod challenge to the Cinnamon challenge and a whole host of others, we can't help but collectively facepalm at every single challenge that rears its dysfunctional head. The Lip Sync challenge wasn't so bad though that one was actually ok... but we've compiled a list of challenges we'd like to see take over the internet.Hopefully, with all of your help, we can create several new trends in this country, and you can be a part of it!!Hooray!1. Read A Book ChallengeWhether it's on your Kindle or an actual paper book, read a book. It looks like people scooped a spoonful of Alpha Bit cereal and only made words out of the letters in that spoonful. Shame. Shame. Shame. Read a book!


2. Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry on Social Media ChallengeWe've got to admit, there is nothing more classy than the drama fit for Maury lighting up the Twittersphere and the Facebook News Feed. Keep that shit private, you know like an adult. It's not polite to kiss and tell or to discuss politics at the supper table, same might should go for social media.


3. Read Warning Label ChallengeIf something suggests not doing it because it might be mildly uncomfortable, that might be a hilarious challenge. If something might make you die, that's a dumb challenge...gene pool might need some chlorine but...seriously read the warning label.


4. Pet Your Dog ChallengeWe just like dogs. If you just show us videos of you petting your dog or throwing a ball for him/her..we'd be absolutely ecstatic. Yeah definitely do this challenge.[caption id="attachment_18224" align="alignnone" width="750"]


PET THIS DOG![/caption]5. Research Before You Repost ChallengeAre aliens coming to take over the world and the president admitted to it? Does eating nothing but super-acai-blueberry-kiwi-avocado-super-fish-oil make you immortal? Research before reposting.

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