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January 1, 1970
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Disclaimer: Look at the category. It's Satire. If you don't know what that means look it up. Also, there are thousands of great husbands and wives that support and are loyal faithful spouses to their military members, this is not about them. So if you need to cry, do it somewhere else.I swear to Christ almighty that if one more lady comes up to me telling me to get my hands out of my goddamn pockets because her husband is a Sgt. Major while I'm in civilian clothes I'm going to go UA like...yesterday. These dependapotomi have gotten quite uppity in their goddamn quest to ruin the entire military. Like why can't these assholes be like dude dependants? Dude dependants are the chillest friggin dudes we've ever had the joy of hangin out with.Bros are just walking around the base with a full-on beard, long ass hair and getting stupid drunk while playing Xbox in their free base housing. Bros got a nice life. Also, they are stupid jacked. Probably because they know their wife is around a bunch of alpha dudes who are just tryin' to hone in on his sweet deal.So you have these nasty asses, shit out a bunch of kids, appear on the show my 2-ton life, and throw their husbands rank around as much as they use the scooters meant for old people at the Wal-Mart. Then on the other side, you have dudes who don't give a shit their wife is a base general, just wants to give you beers, and probably can perform a bicep curl with semi-truck.These bropendas as we like to call them, realize they are living the dream life and keep their damn mouths shut, even if their wife is the damn base commander. But these chicks yo...they are something else, coming up yelling at me because the guy they just got married to two months ago for his BAH just got promoted to corporal. And this Lieutenants wife demanding a salute every time she comes on base. Salute deez nuts you non-rate.God, I hate the Dependapotomi.

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