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Do Something, Even If You Don't Know What Something Is

September 20, 2019
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Nationwide, people are calling for the government to do something in the midst of the latest tragedy where some assholes did some asshole stuff, so now the rest of the country feels it only good and proper that we all get treated like assholes because a few assholes, were, as we stated before quite plainly...assholes. News reports from every single nook and cranny in this country, from Appalachia to the Rocky Mountains and beyond, people from all walks of life are demanding that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.Citizens formed action groups that while not doing something, called for other people to do something so that in the end, something would be done.

"The government should do something about this problem" - Jack Johnson, Eberytown For Doing Something"While I usually don't like government intervening in my life, they need to do something about this issue" - John Jackson, Do Something Now America

It's difficult to say what exactly will be done, but one thing we know for certain, these people, who come from all walks of life, want something to change. They're not exactly sure what, but something and since they collectively aren't intelligent enough to do the thing they want done, they've demanded that someone somewhere should do something on their behalf.

"It's why we elect them, their ideas while not always good, are still ideas and we, well we don't have any ideas."- Morgan Carrie, Coalition For Doing A Thing"It's better to have a few bad ideas on doing something than to have no ideas on doing something, but we all know we should do something!" - Carrie Morgan, Doing The Thing Coalition

With these strong, diverse voices, it's hard to see how something, no matter the future consequences, won't get done. After all, it's not like anything bad ever happened through us demanding something be done, right? We never put anyone in camps or wrote an act that enabled our government to spy on us...

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