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Drill Sergeant's Inspiring Speech: ISIS in Paris

July 7, 2016
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I will start this story by saying that this isn’t a funny story. At the time, this was the most terrifying and inspirational day of BCT. Terrifying because we thought we were going to die at the hands of a Drill Sergeant, inspirational because of his inspiring speech that night.

The Night Begins...

Fall of 2015. November 13th to be exact. I couldn’t forget the date. Our company was just getting back to the barracks for final formation after dinner chow. Our CQ Drill Sergeant told us all to fall in around him so he could speak to all of us. We thought we did something wrong and were about to get eaten alive. Drill Sergeant M stood in the center of the company, and took off his Smokey hat, patches, and rank insignia.


Drill Sergeant M was a shorter man and was built like a brick sh*thouse. We’d all heard rumors about when he’d taken his gear off before. Apparently some dipsh*t trouble making private had mouthed off to his face, so Drill Sergeant M (without hat, badges, or insignia) told the private to hit him because he “wasn’t a Drill Sergeant anymore” and threatened to drag his ass into the woods. He was a scary man with the worst temper I’ve ever seen. Anyways, we assumed we were all going to die.It wasn’t until Drill Sergeant M started talking to the company that we realized something was wrong. Without any news from the outside world, we were blindsided. Nearly in tears, he told us about the ISIS attacks on Paris that had happened that night. Apparently he had family in France, and I knew of some other privates who did as well. He gave us a speech that was the most inspiring thing I’ve heard. I’m going to paraphrase because I don’t remember word for word, but this is the gist of what he told us.

Drill Sergeant M's Inspiring Speech...

“Privates, I took off my gear because I’m talking to you not as your Drill Sergeant, but as a brother in arms. Tonight, Paris was bombed by ISIS. I have family in Paris, and I know some of you may as well. If ever you needed a reason to keep going during BCT, let this be the reason. I don’t know about you all, but this is the reason I joined the army. Unfortunately I can’t be there on the front fighting to protect people, because I’m here. But I’m going to do my damned best to turn you all into soldiers so you can do it for me. I want you to promise me that you will do YOUR damn best to learn how to be soldiers. We’re going to go inside, and I won’t smoke you, or make you work for the rest of the night, unless you do something stupid. Now form up for final formation.”


Nobody even spoke above a whisper for the rest of the night. It was a somber night and DS M never even left CQ. His inspiring speech gave everyone the courage to push forward and I feel like it brought the whole company together.We all fully realized why we joined and why we serve. To protect and fight for those we love.Hooah!Originally Posted on ASMDSS Stories

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