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Emotional Support Chicken

December 19, 2018
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First, there were Emotional Support Dogs, which we were totally on board with because you know...dogs and man's best friend that whole idea you know (and we're rambling). Dogs are mans best friend, fact. The next best friend we have is dolphins and we, surprisingly, (according to the ASPCA) cannot keep dolphins in our swimming pool no matter how large it is or how many human sacrifices we feed it...moving on.Emotional support animals then blossomed, they were everywhere. There were emotional support chameleons, emotional support goats, emotional support ferrets, emotional support rats, emotional support snakes...(they did not get along well with the emotional support rats or emotional support mice). Needless to say, things got out of control at a speed that we would describe as fast.However, despite all of the ridiculousness that Rob Dyrdek has been able to come up with, coupled with the emotional support animal x,y,z there is one good thing that has come out of the hubbub.Emotional Support Chicken, by Popeyes. It's not often that a fast food restaurant makes a big splash aside from the trash talking twitter account of Wendy's, but Popeyes has absolutely nailed it. More often than not the only reason we're angry or upset is that, like most people, we're hungry...or rather we're hangry. The combination of anger brought about via low blood sugar and hunger is a rage that many, despite their best attempts, cannot stifle.Popeyes Chicken to the rescue. With the Emotional Support Chicken and carrier, you'll never be hangry, you won't have violent and sadistic urges because your appetite will be satiated through wonderful all American fried chicken!We thought the Emotional Support animal trend had gone too far, it was on this day we realized, it just hadn't gone far enough. Merry Christmas to all you weary holiday travelers as well as bon appetit for those of you partaking in the Emotional Support Chicken!

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