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Blue Falconry in Customs Inspection

December 23, 2016
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Not a Basic story, but here it is...I was a Sgt working as a customs inspector for the troops returning from REFORGER in 1990. We had an MP company going thru inspection and my next customer was a female Captain. She was about 5' 2 and smoking hot.Now when they were going thru, the only bags we inspected 100% were their carry on. As she unpacked her bag there was a red silk bag that she refused to open and seemed very nervous about me touching. After being very sympathetic about her privacy I informed her that she had to open all bags that were going into the cabin. Reluctantly, she opened the bag.


It contained a vibrating dildo about 12 inches long and as thick as a beer can.Now me being a true gentleman, I proceeded to ask if the batteries were fresh and then turned it on and left it running on the table while I finished the inspection. Needless to say she was as red as a Washington apple.After we finished our shift for the day, my boss, a full time customs agent, came to me and brought me a letter of appreciation. Because when we were briefed we were told if we found anything like a dildo or any other sex toys, we were to use it to it's fullest extent to embarrass the owner. He told me that this was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his 12 years on the job.

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