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Feel Good Friday

May 18, 2018
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While there is much in this world to worry about, we wanted to take this opportunity to make you feel really good about yourself. Welcome to feel good Friday! So if people are tearing you down, just look to American Grit for inspiration. What inspiration? We're glad you asked. There are all sorts of ridiculous folks out there, making obnoxious claims. Here are just a few of the things that people do that leave us shaking our heads.Remember that;There are still people that believe the Earth is flat

Feel Good friday

Think pineapple doesn't belong on pizzaThink the United States didn't land on the moon

feel good friday

Think Mexican food north of Austin, Texas or Los Angeles, California tastes goodThink Russia and/or China are our friendsThink Nickelback is a good band

feel good friday

Think that if you lift heavy weights you'll get too bulkyThink Fortnite is better than PUBGThink that 'Merica Bourbon isn't good (how foolish)There are some people that haven't heard of Grunt Style (the horror!!)As long as none of these apply to you, you've got a solid leg up on the rest of the world. Despite whatever punches they may be throwing your way, remember, they don't even wear Grunt Style or drink Merica Bourbon so their opinions aren't really that valid are they? In case you haven't gotten the gist yet, their opinions aren't that valid. In fact, those opinions are like buttholes, they stink. So pay them no mind and have an enjoyable weekend.If you find yourself getting down, just remember you can check out some of our inspirational stories of American heroes like John Basilone, or Doc Ballard here! With all these resources at your disposal, you're sure to have the most American weekend possible!Have a great weekend, enjoy some Merica Bourbon, wear the American brand, Grunt Style and show your pride in country, self, and military!

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