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Five Things to Know This Week

November 26, 2018
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Oh man, this weekend was intense, from Thanksgiving to Black Friday and all the way through college football and Russia, this weekend was chock full of shit that we think you should know about.Without further ado, here are five things for this week that you should know about, or that we felt like talking shit on/telling you about.1. Russia decided it wanted to be a dick again and seized three Ukranian ships off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Nobody is making a big deal out of Russian aggression because they are too busy paying attention to all the stupid people we made famous over here. Yet Russia is just doing whatever the hell it wants in the Black Sea. Two artillery ships and a tugboat of the Ukranian Navy were the vessels seized.2. Speaking of stupid people we've made famous, the rapper 6ix9ine or Tekashi69 (given name Daniel Hernandez) will potentially face a life sentence in prison, which is good for all of us because hopefully, we'll never get new garbage songs from him (if you can call them that). Fingers crossed, knock on wood, all in all, we hope that more stupid people will eventually share the same fate and we won't have to put up with their bullshit either.3. During a protest on gas taxes (gee I wonder where they learned that) the people of France were able to score some type of front-end loader and dump shit on the Parliament buildings as well as the streets. Strong flex protesting, usually it's just crowds, but the French farmers showed the government and their taxes exactly what thought of the rising prices with a literal pile of shit. Well played.4. Hordes of people from the large migrant caravan attempted, en masse, to forcefully cross the border. They were met with tear gas. While people are upset over the tear gas, remember deadly force had been authorized on the border, so in this instance, the migrant caravan really dodged bullets, literally.5. Texas A&M and Lousiana State University showed us that in the game of football, defense is an afterthought as the two teams racked up the highest scoring game in the FBS history with a combined total of 146 points. Texas A&M had 74 and Lousiana State had 72. What a shitshow for defenses. Although we guess after seven, yes seven overtimes, you might be tired too.

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