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Great Deployment Movies to Watch

January 19, 2018
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Even units that see heavy amounts of combat and leave the wire every day will still tell you there is a ton of downtime where boredom can strike. There is an old phrase that's been passed around, re-structured and changed up from time to time but the gist is that "combat is ninety percent sheer boredom and ten percent sheer terror." Whatever your thoughts on that are, we'll let you have them. To kill the boredom modern troops often huddle around a portable DVD player or somehow get a TV and watch movies over and over again. Here are some great deployment movies!1. Super TroopersThe quotability of this movie is its real draw. Every scene there are one-liners that are applicable and humorous if applied at the right time. The lines are easy to remember and the shenanigans (see what I did there) never fail to get a laugh.

great deployment movies

2. Step BrothersWe know not everyone loves Will Ferrel comedies, but when you've been getting shot at all day, the stupid ridiculousness of the humor never ceases to entertain. Plus when you're in country, you have so much room for activities!

Great Deployment Movies

3. 300Getting ready to go on a raid to smoke some Taliban bad guys? Getting hyped for patrol. Despite the ending, this movie gets your blood flowing despite several pieces of what we'd call poetic license.

4. 40-Year-Old VirginOkay, maybe we're showing our age here a little bit, but 40-year-old virgin again has all the humor and one-liner you could ever want to decompress after a 10-hour route clearance mission.

great deployment movies

5. DeadpoolIt's a newcomer to the scene, but it has violence, ass-kicking and humor all rolled into one movie. While it came out recently, we've still got folks deployed and we're sure that this movie is going to get played on repeat.

great deployment movies
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