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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Attack Dog

December 11, 2017
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This...this is one of our favorites. Have you ever thought to yourself that an attack dog isn't that big of a deal? If you have maybe you could have been one of our special volunteers. We had Michael Davis from Last Chance K-9 Services in the office this week and four guys decided that "What the hell I've nothing better to do than getting bit by an attack dog!"

attack dog

They are using a puppy sleeve for this full-grown eighty five pound fur missile. Michael goes out to the truck and gets the dog riled up with the sleeve. The sleeve they are using is actually extremely thin, but they're at Grunt Style and these are hard-charging veterans and patriots. They can take it! Right? Michael gives Justin Orick directions for his safety, ensuring his hand doesn't get bitten off. That's always reassuring. The crew from Grunt Style is checking this German Shepard out, getting as ready as they can to have an attack dog launch himself and latch on to their arm. Sleeve or no sleeve that's a big dog.

attack dog

It's a beautiful sight as our first volunteer awaits the amped-up German Shepard. And he's off! It's crazy to see the dog's accuracy and pinpoint biting ability. He hits nearly the same spot on all four volunteers and holds on for dear life as they try to shake him off. Once the sleeve is discarded by our volunteers the dog trots off with the sleeve still in his mouth, like a trophy of another vanquished foe.

Attack Dog

Just because they are a fraction of the weight and size doesn't mean they aren't a force to be reckoned with. They are tenacious and dedicated to their purpose. Let's hope that none of us ever have to deal with one of these amazing animals in the line of duty.

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