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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Civilian Interview

December 4, 2017
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We're not a strictly veteran company, sometimes civilians come in for interviews. Today we have a civilian interview and we thought we'd bring you along. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we love the diversity they bring to the workforce. Well, that is if they're able to make it through the process without running screaming out of the building. Join our intrepid civilian as he goes through the interview process at Grunt Style.

Civilian Interview

Things you probably shouldn't do though is talk about how you were "going to enlist but." Anything after that but is going to get ridiculed mercilessly and everyone will pretty much hate you. Another thing our civilian is going to learn, being nasty and disgusting will get you wonderful pep talk about cleanliness and having a tidy workspace from our Grunt Style first sergeant. You wouldn't leave your fighting hole all a mess, would you? You wouldn't leave garbage all over the place alerting the enemy to your presence, would you?

Civilian Interview

Certainly, as a civilian, you're going to see tons of things you're not familiar with. That's ok, just don't stare too long at the guy getting choked in the hall and make sure you have all your paperwork signed and in on time. You don't want to find yourself drawing the ire of the company first sergeant. He'll have an activity or two that will remind you to be more punctual with all your forms and requests. Oh yeah, also don't be the new guy that calls the first sergeant a prick. It's not going to end well for you. You'll find all sorts of folks working here to make this company great. This civilian interview is going great!

Civilian Interview

As long as you can remember a few of these things, you should be just fine. If you love America and all the great things we offer you'll find a home here at Grunt Style, and if you hate America, you'll probably run screaming like we mentioned earlier. Hey, where are you going?

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