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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: The Drug Dog

December 14, 2017
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Last time the guys from Last Chance K-9 Services came, it really bit us in the ass! Just kidding, we love these guys, so we brought them back to do another demonstration. This time with a drug dog. They weren't finding actual drugs, but they utilized a training tool, so don't worry guys.

drug dog

The drug dog brought in by Michael Davis is one of the top drug detection dogs in the country. So they hid the drug training tool in a metal file cabinet under a desk. Seems like a decent place to hide drugs. There are no indicators for a human to detect the drugs there wrapped up in aluminum foil. So it's safe there right? We'll see. Oakley, who is ranked as one of the best private narcotic detection dogs (drug dog) in the country will work through the office in a demonstration of her extreme skills. One can see almost human attributes in these animals as they set to work. It's very interesting to see.

drug dog

Oakley, who is a single purpose working dog, puts her nose to the ground and starts sniffing out the drugs. Working her way through each office in the Carol Stream location, Oakley works extremely fast, knocking hide spots off her list one by one. Finally, she stops and indicates she's found something. She's gotten a whiff of the scent cone and has indicated that the drugs are somewhere very near to her. From the indication, the handler can then narrow the search corridor and eventually find precisely where the narcotics are hidden.

drug dog

It's impressive to see "man's best friend" work so diligently and intelligently to accomplish their task. It's almost like watching a human with a superpower locate the narcotics. Oakley methodically searched every room leaving no metaphorical stone unturned and finally found her query.

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