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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Human Resources vs. Drill Sergeant

December 11, 2017
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There is a distinct difference between how things get handled in the civilian world versus how they're handled in the military world. In Human Resources vs. Drill Sergeant, you'll see a few of the distinct but minor differences in how we work through workplace problems.

Human Resources vs. Drill Sergeant

Everyone has people they don't always get along with at work. Whether it's a long-term disagreement or just an off day every once in a while, the human resources personnel are there to quell any sort of workplace confrontation. With a sense of delicacy and extremely well honed active listening skills the human resources representative can usually resolve workplace issues in relatively short order, with little to no confrontation. It's a really wonderful skill. In all reality, it makes the workplace a much better place to be for everyone. Things are a little bit different in the military. It's not that either way is better, just different and there's nothing wrong with being different. In fact, we're all about diversity in the workplace.

Human Resources vs. Drill Sergeant

A drill sergeant is a little bit different in how he handles your workplace problems. One of his main questions is probably going to be "Why are you bothering me with your stupid drama?" See, the great thing about the drill sergeant instead of civilian human resources representative is that he equally hates everyone in the office. He can't play favorites because he dislikes everyone equally. Not only does he dislike everyone in the office, he thinks all of your problems are dumb. It's not like you're getting shot at, maybe try complaining a little less.

Human Resources vs. Drill Sergeant

Whichever route your company decides to go with, we're sure you'll be fine. In this battle of human resources vs. drill sergeant, we're going to pick the drill sergeant. Nothing personal, we just don't respond well to the other option.

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