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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Sh*t 2nd Lieutenants Say Part 1

December 5, 2017
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We don't know why 2nd lieutenants say such dumb shit. Don't get us wrong we've had our fair share of good lieutenants, but they are a rare exception. Somehow many 2nd lieutenants have this idea that college will adequately prepare you to lead people in combat. Unfortunately sir/ma'am, this just isn't true.

2nd lieutenants say

One thing that lieutenants routinely forget is that even though they do outrank all enlisted personnel, the senior enlisted ranks generally don't care. It's not out of disrespect, it's generally just that well, sir, you don't know shit. That's why 2nd lieutenants say stupid shit, they don't know any better. In case you're an aspiring officer and will one day be a 2nd lieutenant, it's probably not the best idea to try to make the sergeant major salute you, or generally, anyone else. If it (saluting) happens it happens, but going out of your way to make it happen...you're just being "that guy" and nobody likes "that guy".

2nd lieutenants say

Lieutenants, you think that a lot of what you're doing is cool, it generally isn't especially when it means you get out of field ops for some asinine reason. You're not fooling anyone. The field sucks, that's why it's the field. If it didn't suck, it'd be called the Four Seasons, but it isn't. It's meant to simulate conditions in-country, which will likely be shitty. If you do this, you're only making yourself out to be weak. Also, things you learned in ROTC, nobody really cares.

2nd lieutenants say

At the end of the day lieutenants, think about what you're saying. If it doesn't absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt need to be said, better left it unsaid. It's not that we hate lieutenants, it's just that we get tired of having to find your lost ass on the Land Nav course.

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