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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Sh*t Recruiters Say

December 27, 2017
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Apparently, there is some shit recruiters say that isn't on the up and up. We don't know what the big deal is. Most of us who are veterans at American Grit weren't lied to by our recruiters because we wanted to go shoot terrorists in the face. So we enlisted in the infantry without even listening to our recruiter's sales pitch.

shit recruiters say

That is not the norm, or so we've been told. Sorry, we're not sorry for being motivated to defend America and freedom! Promises are made, lies are told. Things like you'll be an NCO in like two years making tons of money right? Other shit recruiters say are things like how the Drill Instructors are super cool and won't be a problem. Even those of us that didn't get a sales pitch knew the Drill Instructors were definitely NOT cool to hang around with, buncha great guys. A school that you want to go to? That's not gonna be an issue.

shit recruiters say

All of these, all of them are total absolute fabrications. Listen if you think the military is going to be super accommodating to your every whim and desire, maybe pick a different line of work. You sign a contract and in that contract is a little disclaimer that basically says we can do whatever we want with you as soon as you sign this. The military is NOT, repeat, NOT exactly like Call of Duty despite whatever your recruiter might tell you. Tales of getting laid...well those are not actually exaggerated, that is one of the true things.

shit recruiters say

It's not to say that all recruiters are liars, and to be fair they've got to make the sale. It's their job, there is nothing wrong with employing a little bit of poetic license when spinning a yarn about what the military is like. Some of the shit recruiters say though, is downright dumb.

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