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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: The Spicy Clown

December 12, 2017
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So....Grunt Style hired a clown. We're really hitting those diversity quotas. Dinosaurs, officers, clowns you name it, we've got it. Spicy the Clown is our newest addition to the team and...it's not going well. Nobody, well maybe one guy likes him.

Spicy The Clown

Everyone likes the class clown, except when the class clown is an actual clown, and you have work to do. We're sure Spicy the Clown is a nice enough guy, but he's just not funny. How bad is that? You're a clown, that isn't funny. He's always walking around bothering people, creeping them out. Albeit some of the girls don't think he's any more creepy than any of the other guys that work at Grunt Style. Spicy keeps thinking that everyone is his friend, but really he's just pissing everyone off. If he could just for one moment focus and get some work done, maybe more people would like him.

Spicy the Clown

Also, if he could stop stealing Matt's leg and drinking margarita's out of them, that'd probably also go a long way towards improving his standing (ha get it, because of the leg, we're punny) with everyone. The balloon animals don't really help his case either. At least Rex and Wrex get some work done, Spicy the Clown is just a distraction. We know he probably can't help it but, maybe if he tried just a little bit, things would get better. Alex, Alex who likes everyone even hates that guy. That's how you know it's really bad.

Spicy the Clown

Maybe Spicy will figure out that he's not entertaining if folks just ignore him. Maybe he'll try harder and cross a few lines, maybe get fired? Who knows? Right now one thing is certain, he is definitely not fitting in or making friends despite what he may think. Plus, clowns ARE creepy!

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