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How Should I Take This, Doctor?

October 9, 2018
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You want us to stick it where? According to a new report and no...this isn't #fakenews, this is a real report and those who have participated in this activity with alcohol already know. Instead of smoking weed, or ingesting edibles, doctors from Canada suggest that if you really want to get baked, jam the weed up your balloon knot.Yes. You read that correctly. Smoking obviously poses certain health risks. Anytime you inhale smoke it's not going to be great for your long-term health. If you're concerned about that sort of thing, we're not the boss of you, live your life how you want. If you eat it, the stomach acid and other digestive enzymes render the chronic a little less potent. So there is only one way...according to doctors to get your fix.Jam it up your butt.The absorption is much more efficient as your neighborhood friendly butt-chugging frat boy can tell you. Much like these fine upstanding gentlemen learned about alcohol during that one rager at the Alpha Xi Echo (body spray) Frathouse, it took a study by numerous doctors to tell you that hey, if you really want to get as high as the Apollo program, you gotta jam the devil's lettuce up your butt.Now we certainly are not advocating doing anything illegal. We're just broadcasting the news. The strange...oh so very strange news about anal cabbage use. If this doesn't make your day, it is certain to make your whole week...(bad-dum-ch).


We highly suggest that if you're going to do this, which we inevitably know you will, because of statistics and the latest data from PornHub, don't just randomly spring it on your friends and start trying to shove the entire dime bag up Ryan's ass. Even if you think he'll like it, make sure you get consent first and also...don't just jam the clumps of chronic up there. Use a suppository...This is actual advice from medical doctors. But granted, they are from Canada...so...Canada, what's up with putting stuff up your butt yo?

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