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Indecent Airman Exposes Self

April 20, 2020
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The commanding officer of Hurlburt Field recently got some shocking news. It would be the arrest of Airman 1st Class Michael Leary, on the charges of indecent exposure. This was the result of an incident that occurred weeks earlier, at a TJ Maxx.Michael Leary, 20, allegedly followed a woman around the store, pursuing her from aisle to aisle. If that wasn't indecent enough, she was horrified at what came next. The victim came around a corner, and saw the suspect waiting for her.

Leary was allegedly kneeling on the ground, facing her, with everything hanging out.

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff's report, the victim said the Airman exposed himself to her. Additionally, the police report said “The Defendant had pulled the front of his pants down and had his genitalia fully exposed to her.” As a result, “The Victim left the kitchen area and notified a store employee who contacted law enforcement.” It has not been made clear why the victim did not call the police herself. Subsequently, it is also a mystery why the suspect allegedly exposed himself to the victim. Leary was originally from Colorado, before joining the Air Force. He is assigned to the 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron.The incident occurred on March 1, however, the suspect was not arrested until April 10, and released the following day. Consequently, there has been no explanation as to why there was a delay of the arrest. To secure his freedom, Leary was was able to sign for a bond. To clarify, bail is the money a defendant must pay to secure their release. A bond is when a company pays the money on a defendant's behalf. The bail bond company would stand to lose money if the defendant does not appear for his court date. Leary must return to court on April 28.

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