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The Homecoming: Separating Truth from Rumors

May 5, 2020
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Everyone bring it in and take a knee. We shall tell you the unbelievable tale of one unit's chaotic homecoming. Our story takes place in 2006 at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The unit had just returned home from Iraq and had only been home 48 hours.The First Sergeant of India company 3/6 scowls at the formation before him. He tells the Platoon Sergeants to take charge and carry out the plan of the day. "Aye First Sergeant," the leaders say in unison and render their salute. Crisply, they about face and tell their platoons to fall out.Staff Sergeant bears a wolfish smile that doesn't reach his eyes. The platoon stiffens in anticipation. "You are the luckiest group of turds I have ever seen," SSgt threatens. The Marines look at him dumbfounded. SSgt goes on, "Every other company had some homecoming liberty incident last night, but you didn't. Lucky, because I would have murdered you."

"What did they do SSgt?"

A squad leader speaks up to break the tension. SSgt pins him with a scowl but responds slowly, "Where do I even begin?" He goes on to recount all the blunders. He said first there was a drunk driving incident on base."The Marine tried to drink like he did before deployment," Staff Sergeant scoffs. "However, that didn't go so well for that individual. He hopped a curb and hit the base statue of General Lejeune. Similarly, another Marine got drunk and decided to throw his sandwich at a Subway worker on base. It nailed her right in the face," SSgt said trying to hide a twisted smile."What kind of sandwich was it SSgt?" The same squad leader asked. As a result, the platoon erupted and started shouting their guesses. SSgt barked to shut the hell up, and sardonically says, "It was probably tuna on rye."However, he said, the arrests did not stop there. A group of Kilo company Marines threw chairs through windshields of parked vehicles outside their own barracks. Then they threw beer bottles at the responding military police. "Police have guns, and you don't anymore!" Staff Sergeant howls.Last, a drunk Marine assaulted the duty NCO, who threw him down three flights of stairs, breaking his elbow.

The homecoming aftermath

The majority of the problem Marines were denied post deployment leave. As a result of their debauchery, they were stuck on base while everyone else went home.Rarely has a unit disgraced themselves so severely. There was such a rash of incidents in such a short period, it resulted in lasting repercussions. Surrounding units were forbidden from interacting with 3/6 Marines. That's what happens when a thousand plus young men return to the world, feeling invincible. Regardless of your accomplishments, Staff Sergeant always said, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."Is it actually true? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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