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That Day in History - Remembering Important Dates

March 14, 2018
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Exactly one month after Valentine's Day is a special day for some. For others, it's a day of sadness and regret. We're not going to say exactly what today is, but it's that day. It's that day that comes exactly one month after you should have done something wonderful and kind to the loved one that tolerates your childish antics and still chooses to be seen with you out in public. If you did something original, thoughtful and kind on that day, you might be expecting a treat today.It's that day, however, that if you neglected your significant other, however strong your feelings against Valentine's Day are, with all the commercialism and gimmicks, you're going to be neglected as well. That is if they haven't already left you standing in sheer horror at a closet full of your suits on fire.

It's That Day

Now we know that not everyone loves Valentine's Day, but we do know that people like to feel special. Even if it is on that over-commercialized made-up holiday, people like you still like to feel special as well. Which is where today could have come into play. You could have done something, you could have exercised a little bit of effort that would have paid off big because...it's that day.Instead of heading our warnings, you ignored us and you talked mad crazy shit on Valentine's Day about how stupid it was, but if you know what today is...well maybe next year Valentine's Day won't be so stupid or dumb? Afterall St. Patrick's Day is a made-up holiday as well and we don't see any of you putting down the beer in protest.

It's That Day

For those of you that are in the know, and were smart enough to give some solid effort one month ago to this day...here's to you, the lucky ones because today is that day.

It's That Day
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