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Joe Rogan Responds to First Debate, Says They Need an MMA Referee

September 30, 2020
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Regardless of your party affiliation, last night's presidential debate was rough. It was marred with interruptions, and insults. The moderator, Chris Wallace, has been the subject of both ridicule and support. Some on Twitter called him unfair, and even biased. As a result, President Trump tweeted he was the victim of a 2 vs 1 debate. However, others have sympathized with Wallace for his efforts at attempting to reign in the unruly candidates. Video clips and memes of the event have exploded since the event started.The general consensus across social media was this was far more chaotic than the first debate of the last election. Joe Rogan, who offered to moderate a debate, took to Instagram to respond. He said,

You don’t need me to handle this “debate,” you need @johnmccarthymma.

Joe ended by tagging legendary Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA) referee "Big" John McCarthy as the one qualified to handle the next debate. "Big" John has been an MMA referee since the 1990's, and has oversaw some of the biggest title fights in MMA history. Rogan indicating the clash was as wild as a Mixed Martial Arts brawl.The candidates continued to hurl jabs and cut each other off. "Just shut up man," said former Vice President Joe Biden, during the debate. The correlating hashtag #justshutupman has been trending across social media. The president fired back with barbs of his own. At one point the president began questioning the military conduct of Biden's son. The night ended with many viewers as exhausted as the candidates.Who do you think should moderate the next debate? Keep things civil, but feel free to use that sweet First Amendment and exercise some free speech in the comments below!Editors note: These are the views of the author alone, and not a reflection of American Grit. This post is not an endorsement of either candidate, but just a recap of events. Enjoy!

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