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Kim Jong-un: Lonely and Isolated

April 26, 2018
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In a report by the Washington Post, Kim Jong Un wants the world to know, he's a totally reasonable dude.The wagons have circled and Kim Jong Un was getting pretty isolated after China told him he's on his own if he attacks the United States or South Korea first. So now with an upcoming meeting between the leader of the DPRK and a sitting U.S. President, Kim Jong Un, feeling oh so lonely wants people to know, he's a totally reasonable guy.We guess it's easy to be reasonable when you're left all out alone facing the only real superpower, you really have no choice.[caption id="attachment_17403" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Kim Jong Un

Come at me, bro![/caption]"Oh what, all of their nukes and bullets and missiles and bombs are pointed at me? Guess I'll act like an adult for once so I and all my buddies don't die a very quick death circa Saddam Hussein."We're not saying Kim isn't a reasonable guy, but we kind of gave him no choice. Either stop being a prick or we're going to start dropping bodies wholesale. He kept on and China, North Korea's big brother stepped in to say that it wouldn't back the Hermit Kingdom if it went all John Woo-like and tried to start World War 3. China also said the U.S. shouldn't do anything preemptively, or China would help North Korea. All North Korea had to do was not poke the bear anymore. So what did it do? It poked the bear more and more, getting oh so close to launching what could have been considered an attack on the United States or our allies.

Kimg Jong Un

But yeah Kim Jong Un is a totally reasonable dude (when threatened with annihilation) when he's reduced to being "Oh so very lonely" just like his dad when Hans Blix went to him years ago.It's odd how people mysteriously become super cool dudes when the United States gets all psyched to drop bombs like we did after our most recent venture to Taco Bell. It's much better to be the Kim Jong Un that likes Katy Perry and margaritas! Olé!

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