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Let's Expand the Definition of Veterans to Include Social Justice Warriors? How 'Bout No!

October 2, 2018
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We're not even mad. This is too laughable to be taken seriously. By the very definition (as you can see) a veteran is either "a person who has had long experience in a particular field" or "a person who has served in the military". That is what populated when we did our Google search. We guess you could be like a Veteran Social Justice Warrior or a Social Justice Warrior Veteran or even a Veteran who happens to be a Social Justice Warrior.We don't need to defend the term veteran. Honestly. Why? Because the definition does a decent enough job doing it on it's own. If someone feels the need to call themselves a veteran for braving all the disapproving minds at UC Berkley by wearing vagina hats and screaming at the sky, then doesn't that say more about their deficiencies than it does about people that actually wear the title of veteran.Look we don't think that Social Justice Warriors should be included in the term veteran. They are activists. That's what they are. The buzzwords they or others have given them may embolden them to act out, but like seriously...is anyone actually worried that people outside of certain states are going to take this idea/movement seriously? We're certainly not. We're going to continue to sit in our lawn chair, getting a tan while drinking a nice frosty brew, with our feet in a kiddie pool while laughing our asses off.

Social Justice Warrior

Yes, all of those things at the same time. Circa Bradley Cooper at the beginning of the A-Team movie. (See above photo)

Social Justice Warrior

In closing, we'd just like to say the following;It's not going to bother us if you're a Social Justice Warrior and decide that you want to be called a veteran, you probably shouldn't do it though. You will get laughed at. Some people might do worse, but we don't condone any sort of felonious acts...at least out in the open where the NSA can record us (waves at our NSA Agent Todd).Also, while we're changing the definitions of words, can the definition of four years be the same as twenty years and can Lance Corporals mean the same thing as General? Just asking for a friend.

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