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Millennial Prevents Elderly Marine's Suicide

December 1, 2016
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Everyone likes to bag on millennials, including us, but there are a lot of them out there that are veterans and have their heads on straight. This is the story of one of them, who found a way to bridge the generation gap and save a fellow veteran's life.We get several hundred messages per week in the ASMDSS page inbox. Most are retarded so we ignore them, but every month or so one comes through that hits us like a ton of bricks. This is one of those and was too good not to post. Often times it can be hard to explain the Brotherhood that exists between Veterans to those that have not experienced it. I think this illustrates it perfectly. The decades, branch, type of service may be different but the brotherhood transcends all that.

Here is the story. Ninjas cutting onions alert

“I wanted to message you guys a situation I ran into last night. Feel free to post if you would like. So I am an EMT with a local ambulance company. I was dispatched to a nursing home for a 74 year old male suicide attempt. I show up on scene and take report and try to talk to the gentleman. He is stone cold quiet and is just staring. So this goes on for a good while. I’m getting patient history and such still trying to get this gentleman to talk. He was still dead quiet. So I’m going through a ton of med records trying to find I could use to connect to the gentleman. I found some paperwork from the va. And it has him listed as a retired marine.So lean over the cot and look him in the eyes and I say, “Semper Fi”. (Now I wasn’t a Marine. But I was infantry in the Army. If me saying that offended any Marine that might be on here. I apologize. I used the phrase to get through to a 74 year old marine who tried to kill himself. ) This man’s eyes lit up like a Roman candle.I proceed to tell him about myself and my time in. This led him to telling me what was going on. This Marine lost his wife a few years back and his only daughter left him in the nursing home to move out of state for a job and he doesn’t see her anymore. So yeah he was depressed and dealing with his demons. I transported to a facility that specializes in his situation.What I’m getting at here is that this opened my eyes up to that the 22 vets we lose a day to suicide isn’t just the recent vets but also to our older brothers. This transport took a longtime due to the distance. So I got hear awesome sh*t he had done in the Marine Infantry. When I dropped him he hugged me and told me thank you that he felt better and it was nice to be in the presence of a fellow brother.I’m now going to travel to see him on a weekly basis. If you all could send good vibes his way and such. Thanks”
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