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National Love Your Pet Day: Cherish Your Pets

February 20, 2018
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We've got mixed feelings about this national day. You should love your pet every day. They're only here for a really short time and all they know is you. But if you already love your pet every day, then today is one of those days wherein, you get to be super extra about loving your pet. We've compiled a list of things we'd like to do if we were pets, based on our months of observation (things that randomly popped into our heads) for National Love Your Pet Day!Number one:Your pet wants to go to work with you. Every single day you leave them. They don't know what you're leaving for. They just know you're leaving, so today, take off work, go home and pick up your dog, cat, parakeet, snake, hedgehog, whatever and bring them into work. Also, nobody cares you don't like snakes, Karen!

National Love Your Pet Day

Number two:This one is kind of specifically for dogs. Let them catch a car or mailman. We're sure they don't know what to do with it once they've caught it, but for all those times they've chased them. Let them get a W today.Number three:Pet spa day. Yeah, you heard us right. You treat yourself all the time, don't think we didn't see the customer loyalty card for Baskin Robbins and the receipt from the nail salon. Isn't it about time you took care of your pets the same way? That's right you never thought of it like that, huh? Yeah, because you're selfish! Treat your pet to a spa day and a special treat.Finally number four:Take the day off and spend some real quality time with your pet on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn. Unless your pet shouldn't be eating popcorn. Then definitely don't do that. Remember these animals (unless you've got a tortoise) aren't here for a long time, they're here for a good time and you're entirely in control of that!

National Love Your Pet Day
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