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August 31, 2018
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The news for the day is is a pretty slow news day. Be rest assured though, someone somewhere is out there doing something that will certainly get the internet all in a rage within the next two weeks. Things that we didn't care about today or yesterday will suddenly become front page news. All across the globe atrocities happen or are happening as we write this. However nobody has told you to be mad about them so, the internet community remains blissfully unaware.Mind you that when something does happen, chances are it's not actually new, it probably has been happening in one form or fashion for a long time. Statistically speaking there isn't much new to get outraged about. We're certain some folks will proselytize all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram talking about the new righteous cause they've been a long time supporter of, despite only mentioning it now that Kim Kardashian or Ben Affleck have made statements regarding it.We implore you the smart ones, our readers to not get caught up in the viral hashtags of virtue signaling bullshit.You can and probably do care a great deal about the evil, and bad things going on in the world today. We also recognize that if you were to devote any time significant enough to do something meaningful about the numerous atrocities that you would do one or several of the following items.

  • Not Sleep
  • Not Eat
  • Run Out of Money
  • Get fired from work
  • Lose all of your friends because you're a Preachy Paul or a Pestering Patricia

Pick one, stick with it and be true to thine self, faithful readers. We believe in you.We are a media outlet that cares about you, we hope that when the inevitable happens and a story is sensationalized to stir up the masses, that you do like always and remain calm, just like you are today. We wouldn't want you getting all in a tizzy over whatever is chosen as the news for the day.

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