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Nice Dick Building in China

September 26, 2018
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Reality is stranger than fiction. While China has been the source of a lot of headaches, and we mean a lot of headaches for the United States this past year, one thing that they did that we can all laugh at is the Guangxi New Media Center. To which we say this. Nice dick building China. We're over here with our F/A- 18 pilots drawing dicks in the sky and you...you took a stand and erected a magnificent phallic building for all the world to see.To make it even better. Yes, it gets better than a giant penis, they added what looks like testicles to the building as well.While many people are defending the architecture speaking to how it is representative of the natural geography of the Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, the architect most certainly, without a shadow of a doubt, knows that it looks like a giant dick jutting out of the ground for all the world to see. Whoever that architect is though, certainly is intelligent. When you look at the geography of those provinces, one could...sort of, maybe in the right light kind of believe that they weren't trying to build a giant dick tower.To make matters wor...who are we kidding, better, the building shoots fireworks from the tip top for different celebrations. The fireworks show come complete with a light show that starts at the base of the building and rises all the way to the top before the fireworks shoot out.

Nice dick building China

People tell us we have a dirty mind. We may, and that is a fair assessment, but...when you literally build a giant penis, that shoots fireworks and looks like it has a set of healthy testicles, you can't blame the internet for taking advantage of it.Great job China, and once again, nice dick building China, it's really gonna suck when you try to go to war with us and we level this unique piece of architecture, certainly inspired by specific parts of nature indeed.

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