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On This Day in 2004: Facebook Launched

February 4, 2019
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On this day in 2004, Facebook launched and suddenly all of the idiots (including this one) got a voice. Since 2004 idiots have abounded on Facebook, with spelling and grammatical errors galore (We do ours on purpose for everyone suggesting we need an editor)What was once meant to unite the world and help folks keep in contact with those outside of your immediate geographical area has done more to divide the world than anything else we've ever seen.Facebook truly is unprecedented in its success in making stupid people famous and reinforcing the Dunning-Kruger effect. Another notable success of Facebook has been their ability to censor speech they don't like because if it hurts just one person's feelings, it's not to be tolerated in the glorious utopia of the People's Republic of Facebookistan, where feelings matter and facts can take a hike.To be fair though, let's all just take a moment and appreciate the fact that without Facebook or F***book as some (including myself) would call it (we've even gone so far as to call it Dumb F***book), we wouldn't get to enjoy the dope ass memes that get shared across the vastness of the internet. That is, in all honesty, the best part of Facebook...Well that and the Live feature, because what would the world be if we couldn't watch a million different feeds from political rants to murder, yes that's right they straight live streamed a murder or two on Facebook. Don't believe us, look that shit up homie.The world is a shittier place thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, but what would you expect from a thieving douche canoe? Now all of the village idiots across the world speak out with vociferous authority on shit they know absolutely nothing about (at least I'll read the title). Happy anniversary F***book, creating millions of misinformed people and uniting people who just want to watch funny videos while they're supposed to be working.

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