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Rex vs. Wrex Fight

December 7, 2017
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They're at it again. Rex is surely trying to pick a fight with Wrex. Everything from stealing his keyboard to pulling Wrex's chair out from under him. Something has definitely gotten into Rex.


We know they don't get along all the time, and we've seen the Nerf shootout and the shenanigans from the video game, but this just seems to be downright mean. Certainly yes, Wrex did start it all in the warehouse, pushing boxes at Rex. So maybe he had it coming to him, but the punishment dished out by Shane Coley was more than enough to make up for the boxes being pushed at Rex. This week Rex is in rare form and we can only imagine, given what we've seen him do on film, what he's done to torment Wrex off camera. Wrex has had enough though, he's going to solve this problem right here and now.


Falling down in front of his co-workers after Rex pulls his chair out from under him was so embarrassing, it was the last straw for Wrex. He runs to the warehouse where he finds GLORY Kickboxer, Richard Abraham working on some combinations. Wrex get's an idea! He explains to Richard what Rex has been doing to him. Being the kindhearted warrior that Richard is, he agrees to help Wrex out and give him some training tips. With Richard in his corner, Wrex will surely not get picked on by Rex anymore. He throws a left, a right, another left and then spin kick! Looks like all this training is paying off.


Upon stumbling into Rex in the warehouse Wrex confronts his bully. They scuffle at first but then with the benefit of Richard's training Wrex gets the upper hand. The fight is over and Wrex stands victorious, maybe now these two can actually play nice and be friendly to one another in the office. We're not holding our breath.

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