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Rex vs. Wrex Shenanigans

December 8, 2017
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This week the shenanigans of Rex and Wrex continue, but this time, oh man, guys this time they are really making everyone mad. With no regards to or for anyone else trying to actually get work done Rex and Wrex embark on a streak of tomfoolery around the Grunt Style Headquarters. This week leaves everyone hoping for a meteor strike.


So nerf/airsoft guns are kind of a thing at Grunt Style, but Rex and Wrex are taking it way too far. They've caught our innocent marketing staff in the crossfire. As the two wage a very boring firefight against each other, they keep missing and hitting all their hard working co-workers. The marketing team finally has enough and sends the troublemaking duo away. Wrex can't resist the temptation to have the last word and shoots one more round at the team before running away scared. We love Rex and Wrex, but these two have reached a fever pitch in their antics.


After leaving the marketing team area, Rex and Wrex can't help but continue their eternal squabble battling each other as they head down towards the events team. Oh, this won't be good, Rex should not pick up that ball and...nope that was a horrible idea. Rex's throw missed Wrex and hit Events Director Justin Orik, making him drop all of his paperwork. This is going to be quite the epic butt chewing. Here come the knife-hands! Again our two shenanigans causing dino's are run out of the building. How they find themselves in production, we don't even want to know.


The culmination of their actions today do not bode well for Rex and Wrex. They've made everyone extremely mad at them. More so than usual. Is there ever going to be a resolution to this conflict? We certainly hope so, we'd hate for them to be let go.

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