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Rex vs. Wrex Top Secret

December 6, 2017
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Oh Rex and Wrex, when will you learn that Top Secret, means do not enter? Especially when you two are specifically named and told not to enter. These two trouble-makers never seem to learn their lesson.

Top Secret

In rare form this morning, it seems like Rex and Wrex are getting along quite nicely. Something has definitely got to be going on if these two are getting along so well. As our comical duo peruse the fulfillment center, they come to a mysterious door. What could possibly be behind this door they wonder. Their curiosity is peaked when they read the sign saying "Top Secret" and specific instructions for the two of them to stay out. It's a very dire warning that our farcical employees don't take seriously. You'd think with everything they've already been through in the short time we've followed them, they'd have more sense than to go snooping around. This is Rex and Wrex we're talking about though, so of course, they push into the room.

Top Secret

The two apex predators find themselves adrift in some sort of cosmic, alternate reality warp field. They are transported from the Grunt Style headquarters in Carol Stream to...a video game!? Luckily, despite being pixelated and in a 1980's video game setting(is this Contra Force), the two are unharmed and set out exploring this new area. Rex takes off towards the right side of the screen and Wrex to the left side of the screen. Upon his journey, Rex finds...is that radioactive waste (just kidding its beer). Rex, you can't just eat radioactive waste that you find in an unfamiliar video game landscape. In very short order Wrex decides that the peace between the two dinos is too uncomfortable. So what does he do? He hides and throws a banana peel out for Rex.

Top Secret

Even when transported to an alternate dimension, reality or game, these two still can't seem to get along.

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