Rules of Combat
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Rules of Combat v1.106

August 14, 2018
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Through almost twenty years of war, we've learned a few things and updated the old school rules of combat.These rules of combat should be taken with a grain of salt lest all the airsofters think they actually rate shit. Despite the grain of salt, we're pretty sure rule number eight needs to be strictly adhered to at all times.No exceptions.1. Body armor may make you feel like you can take on the world. Be assured, you can't. It will still hurt when you get shot.2. If it works, it wasn't stupid in the first place.3. Be a hard target, always. Nothing draws fire like a sure thing.4. Don't empty the magazine, you may need that ammo later. Nothing sucks more than being in a target rich environment with low/no ammo.5. It's not a foxhole, it's a fighting position, and you should have to clear the bodies from in front of it.6. Your weapon, despite being made by the lowest bidder, should work if you cleaned it...shitbag.7. Claymores are stupid proof, it literally says "Front towards enemy" on the front. Don't be a dumbass.8. Grenades should not be cooked by the nervous PFC.9. In the modern age with media propaganda at an all-time high, all American servicemen are important, try not to get captured in the first place.10. Generally, a bad idea to ignore any enemy attack in asymmetric warfare.11. If you're short on everything but the enemy, someone hates your platoon commander.12. You can usually subdue enemy incoming fire by giving the enemy some incoming fire to deal with. Create a wall of lead.13. No unit is ever truly combat ready, combat is wildly unpredictable don't assume just because you're a shitbag you'll be a killer, shitbag.14. Inspections could be time spent training or on liberty. Those will greatly increase the chances of better surviving combat.15. If you're a good teammate, they shouldn't be able to shoot at your buddies. If they try to, you should kill them.16. If you're in a "fair" fight, move back a few hundred meters and call in Close Air Support. Proceed to laugh. 17. Tracers are only cool when there is a solid line of them coming from a minigun.18. Friendly fire is only accurate because they don't know you're there, ensure they know.19. Radios fail all the time, have a backup or two.20. Intelligence is like 50/50, but many of their wrongs can be fixed by shooting, moving and communicating.

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